Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where the hell have I been?

I can't believe it's been 12 day since I last posted. My son was on vacation last week and I "worked from home". I'm sure some of you know how that goes.

I had the best of intentions of getting up at 6:00 AM every morning and sitting down to work for 8 hours. Right. I never even showered before 1 PM every day. I did manage to get all my work done. It was piece meal though. A couple hours here, a couple hours there and then the weekend suddenly arrived. I say suddenly because I don't know what the hell happened to the previous 4 days. I must have been kidnapped by aliens, my only explanation for the 'lost time'.

It came down to crunch time and I ended up putting in 10 hours on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. I couldn't put 12 hours on my timecard for Sunday though, can't justify double time if I didn't put in my regular time hours.

So, because of my laziness all week I had to work all weekend. It didn't help to have a whining almost 15 year old telling me how bored he was all week. Oh sure, what kind of an example was I setting? Sitting on my fat ass watching TV in my bathrobe on a beautiful 85 degree day? My telling him that I have work to do when he asked about going to the movies didn't really hold a lot of weight while sporting bedhead.

I've never been so glad to get back to work. Right, lesson learned.

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Magazine Man said...

Gosh, sounds like you have a tough working weekend. I totally sympathize.

Isn't it amazing how kids manage to suck all the fun out of working at home?