Thursday, April 14, 2005


I'm being tested. I resolved yesterday that I would be more patient and self aware in the mornings, and I'm being tested.
My son finally got out the door and up to the bus stop, I was putting on makeup, the phone rang. "I might get a ride to school with Dave and I forgot my bathing suit for gym today (he has swimming)". Logically, I asked "If you're getting a ride why don't you just swing back home and pick up your suit?" Obviously not the answer he was looking for. He huffily told me he would be right home to get it. He stormed in and stormed out. 5 minutes later the phone rang again, "I'm taking the bus, Dave said I can borrow the CD after school". Patience....patience.."OK hon, that's fine". Ironing my shirt now, only 10 minutes late, the phone rings again "Hello? Hello?" Nothing. 2 seconds later it rings again "I forgot my towel, can you drop it off at the school?" OK, I'm already 10 minutes late, I still have to swing by my parents house to drop off his bag for his overnight stay at Nana & Grampa's (thank you very much!), what's another 15 minutes out of my way? "Yes, I will drop off your towel at the office on my way to work. I'm late hon, I gotta go, bye - I love you". 4 phone calls in 15 minutes, he's using up those minutes like dirty kleenex. He's lucky his head is attached, although the brain doesn't fully function at times.
I'm thankful that I have a flexible schedule at work. I'm thankful he's staying at my parents house tonight and I get a break. I'm thankful I was patient this morning. I'd say I passed that test.

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